Booty Boost + Lean Legs 2 Bundle by Femme Nativa

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Seeing results in the first 3 weeks!

I began Lean Legs Program 2 3 weeks ago and I’m already seeing leaner and stronger legs! I also love the workouts because I don’t feel exhausted at the end. I look forward to them instead of dreading my workout!

Milena H.
Love the structure and lack of music!

I have been on the LL2 program for 2 weeks now, and I am loving it! The ease of the workout takes some adjusting to (I'm still adjusting) but it works those deep muscles that are crucial for injury-free running. I must admit I am a XC/distance runner and so since I run daily for about an hour I have not been doing any additional walking (I hope I still get good results :)
One of my FAVORITE parts about the program is the lack of music- I LOVE being able to put on my own music playlist depending on my mood for the day and Rachael's accent is so cute. the ONLY thing I wish they had was a countdown timer for every move not just when there's only 10 seconds left- It would motivate me to stick through the whole movement.
Love you all!

Ximena Esparza
Did not disappoint!

As I thought it would be, lean legs and booty boost bundle is amazing. My booty has gotten perky, but in a good feminine way. My legs continue to amaze me how thin and fit they look in pictures. Thank you for all that you lovely lovelies do ;)


This Bundle will help you:

  • Lose excess leg fat
  • Reduce muscular thighs and/or tone them without getting bulky
  • Slim down your hips
  • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite, saddlebags and love handles 
  • Lift and tone your booty without making your legs bigger

Suitable for intermediate to advanced users.

This special offer includes:

  • Lean Legs 2 Program
  • Booty Boost Program
  • 2 Guides to help you get the most out of your program
•Step by step guide + workout schedule
•Ultimate cardio guide 

Both guides are in PDF and audio form

Lifetime access to both programs and guides