Busy Girl + Lean Legs 2 Program + 21-Day Challenge Bundle by Femme Nativa

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Just What I Needed!

I adore the Busy Girl Workouts. I feel amazing and strong and they are a perfect way to do a workout in the mornings before work that starts my day right. I can’t wait to start the Lean Legs 2 soon! xx


This Bundle will help you:

  • Lose excess leg fat
  • Reduce muscular thighs and/or tone them without getting bulky
  • Slim down your hips
  • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite, saddlebags and love handles 
  • Lift and tone your booty without making your legs bigger
  • Slim and tone your whole body in just 15-30 min per day
  • Tone up your abs

This special offer includes 2 of our 8-week programs Lean Legs 2 and NEW Busy Girl Program and our 21-Day Challenge. All 3 are a great opinion for women who want to be lean and toned but don't have more than 15-30 min per day.

Lean Legs 2 Program is designed to help you get slim and toned legs. Our NEW Busy Girl Program and 21-Day Challenge will help you be fit and toned in just 15 minutes per day.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Suitable for women with a busy schedule.

The workouts in the LL2 Program are up to 30 minutes long. 

The workouts in the Busy Girl Program and 21-Day Challenge are up to 15 minutes long.

It also comes with 2 Guides to help you get the most out of your program

•Step by step guide + workout schedule
•Ultimate cardio guide 

Both guides are in PDF and audio form

Lifetime access to both programs and guides.