Booty Boost Program by Femme Nativa

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Kathleen Greer
Just as pictured!

I really love using these workouts if I miss a day at the gym!
The instructors explain the exercies and how to do them correctly.
The time of the workouts is 30-40 minutes which youcan work into your day easily if you can't get to the gym!

Pamela Schleicher
Booty Boost Program

Best lower body workouts ever! Every single muscle in the lower body is worked in this program and it also covers the abs and arms in the full body/core workouts! Instructor is amazing! She is easy to follow and demonstrates each move meticulously! I am thrilled with the workouts and instructor!! Top notch!

Love it

Fun and challenging workout. I trust that my booty will turn out fabulous :)

Shannon McCullough
Not sure yet

I’m on my second week and I like it more and more. Although the exercises burn while I’m doing them I’m just not sure yet. I wasn’t sore from them at all. When I did the Christmas challenge I was slightly sore from a lot of those short intense workouts and I like that better. But I was always an over trainer and it’s taking me a long time to learn I don’t have to kill myself to get results. GAL is my absolute favorite and I’ve cycled through that over and over for the last 1.5 years and I love it.

Kayla Steel
Booty boost

Love the new booty boost program I can definitely feel and see a difference in my booty so far so I’m going to keep rocking it thanks


Lift And Tone Your Booty Without Growing Your Thighs

  • Build your booty without growing your thighs
  • Shape and lift your glutes in just 8 weeks
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite

The Booty Boost program was created by an experienced Pilates instructor, Jennie Söderlind. This is a pilates-inspired program you can do anywhere. You can do it with minimal to no equipment and achieve amazing results in just 8 weeks.

The Booty Boost program is also focused on shaping and toning lean muscles without adding any unwanted muscle bulk. It doesn’t include traditional booty-building exercises that are known to cause bulkiness in the legs. Instead, our Booty Boost program consists of Pilates-style movements that will target all of the right glute muscles to create that nice lift and shape.

 The Booty Boost Program includes -  

  • 8 weeks of full-length workout videos
  • Workouts that are up to 30 minutes long
  • A structured workout and cardio plan.
  • Workouts tailored to your body type.