Glutes, Abs and Legs Program by Femme Nativa

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Irene Giovanetti
Gal program

Great wok out program. Easy to follow even for beginners but challenging at the same time. I can see the progress in my body! Definitely recommended

Jenny P
Workout program that works

I have started the workout with Femme Native by Rachael last year. So far, I have tried lean legs program 1 & 2, At Home Cardio and just started with GAL Program. Before this, I have tried many different workout programs and I did not get the results that I wanted. Some workouts were too difficult and too long. With Femme Nativa's workout is between 30-40 mins long and it's just enough time for me to do it during lunch time. I have a gym membership near my office so I can just go there and do my workout. I have not lost a ton of weights but I feel better and my legs and Abs look leaner and tighter. Some of the workout require gliding discs and I would have to bring gliding matt to workout but most of workout routine require none which is fits which works great. This year, I'm going to start trying eating better meals to support my workout and possible lose little weight. Thanks for providing great workout programs!


I bought GAL thinking that it will be harder than LL2 but no. I miss the sweat of LL2. GAL is easy to follow. It feels like I am not working my muscles. I ll continue the program but I am a bit disappointed.
However LL2 is great 👍


This is an 8-week workout program created by Rachael. All of the workouts are done by our trainers Sally, Jenny and Dijana. 

The program is for you if you want to - 

  • Lose fat and/or muscle from your legs
  • Firm your booty
  • Get toned abs & snatched waist
  • Enjoy full-length video workouts