Lean Legs 1 Program by Femme Nativa

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So far so good

I’m only on week 2 of the program but I’m thoroughly enjoying each workout. At first I thought the workouts were too easy but the following day I always feel the burn and know it’s working. I love that they are brief and fun to do because it means I look forward to doing them and never skip a day.

Annette Wilson
Lean Legs 1 Program Review

First of all, this is an excellent program. It's a great value and I look forward to fully implementing in into my lifestyle. I'm 63 years old and just returning to working out a 1 month ago after many years of haphazardly exercising. I just completed Week 1. Day 1 of the exercise program was fine. Day 2 was more challenging. I don't know if it's just me or others have problems with this, but I had difficult balancing with the gliding disc exercises- the disc gets away from me. I'm likely not balancing my weight correctly on the disc leg and my other leg, but I haven't figured out how to do it better. Day 3 (Saturday optional) Again, I had the trouble with the sliding disc exercise. I also was confused with the leg pointing up with weights exercise. I could not figure out the difference between the pointing up, pointing back, and pointing up position- they all looked the same to me from the sideways camera angle. Any tips? Otherwise, day 3 was fine and I liked it better than Day 2. (lol) The other problem I had was viewing the instructor's position (not Rachel) when the coming up box was on the screen - it kept me from seeing the instructor's body position, which I desperately need. Also, I absolute love the left and right body prompts as well as the breathing in and out prompts, so helpful and so needful, as I start this new program to develop good exercise habits. I look forward to completing the program! I'll be starting the menu plan this upcoming week. Thanks so much!


It’s what I was looking for

Ellie Bowling
Amazed at progress already

I didn’t believe the other reviews when they said they started seeing changes around week 2 but I have noticed this morning my legs are looking slimmer. I didn’t think this would bring the changes so quickly and I’m so motivated to continue with this programme until the end. Keep going everyone!

Soraya Gamaleja
Lovely Program

I really love the program, it’s always fun working out and easy to stay motivated, but partly it’s been difficult for me to acoustically understand the girls, cause I am not a native English speaker. Despite that the work and knowledge of these girls are incredible and I am so thankful to finally found trainers like them who really help me get my long awaited body and understand what feminine and elegance means.😊😘


The Lean Legs Program is created by certified personal trainer Rachael Attard. With this program, you will - 

  • Slim down unwanted muscle
  • Reduce inner thigh fat and saddlebags
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Slim down your legs and hips
  • Get a round, perky butt without making your thighs bigger

Includes - 

  • 8-week video workout program
  • Full length follow at home workout videos
  • Step by step guide (PDF + audio)
  • Ultimate cardio guide (PDF + audio)
  • Tailored to your body type
  • Workouts are 30-45 minutes
  • Can be done at home or gym with minimal equipment
  • Beginner to intermediate