Busy Girl Program by Femme Nativa

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Busy Girl Program by Femme Nativa

Tracy Larivee
My favorite workout.

I've done so many web-based workouts over the years and this program is one of my favorites. I'm 5'3 and athletic build. I found that other workouts tend to bulk me up, but this does the opposite. When I do these workouts daily 5-7 days/week, I work out less overall and feel much leaner.

Kayla Steel
Busy girl program

I’m in love with this program because I’m a busy girl also and the shorter workouts really help me to fit in my workouts for the week. I’ve been doing Racheal’s programs for I believe over 3 1/2 years now and I finally after maybe 1 year of consistency got my high school body back again and I’m almost 35 years old thank you Racheal and your team

Sabrina Martignoni
Great workout

Fantastic workout per busy women

Odette Galea-Highstead
Great for quick breaks

Love these workouts! I can use this when I haven’t got the time for the lengthier workouts


For a Lean and Toned Body in Just 15 Minutes per Day

This is an 8-week full-body program for all the busy girls and women out there! It will help you lose body fat and get leaner and stronger in just 15 minutes per day.

  • 8 week program, suitable for all fitness levels and all body types
  • Designed to help you lose weight, sculpt and tone your body without the bulk
  • 15 minutes per day, 5 workouts per week
  • A full-body challenge with low-impact exercises
  • Knee-friendly and small-space-friendly workouts
  • Equipment used in the workouts: ankle weights, dumbbells, gliding discs, resistance band (workouts can also be done without any equipment or with household items like small water-filled plastic bottles, paper plates, etc.)
  • You get a lifetime access

    It also comes with 2 Guides to help you get the most out of your program

    •Step by step guide + workout schedule
    •Ultimate cardio guide 

    Both guides are in PDF and audio form

    Lifetime access to both programs and guides.